Let's look at a condensed CA history of Civil Rights Enforcement:

Remember the Second Amendment? Remember the Black Panthers? Let's see, when African Americans want to flex their second amendment rights, the state created laws to prevent people from accessing their Constitutional Right. (Under Reagan) This is when Reagan partnered with the NRA to create CA law to prevent a bunch of Black Men from being allowed to carry a gun as the Constitution intended.

Now CA wants to remove another Constitutional Right from the disabled.

Perhaps what the state should do is hire a bunch of non-disabled individuals to officially represent "our Right to equality" while adding more and more regulations to prevent us from having "our Rights" enforced. Are the disabled now somehow the new Black Panther Party?

The only meaningful access improvements since the ADA and/or the CA Disabled Persons Act has come about by "us" getting the work done ourselves. Do we hire any attorney that will help us? Yes. Why? Because no one else will do the work. Now instead of thanking us for our help, an elected official decides the best course of action to stop the enforcement of a Civil Right is to prevent us from doing it for ourselves. In the name of progress?

Why is it that CA and their advisors feel the way to deal with people violating 26 year old Civil Rights Laws is to protect them from enforcement? Or is it as simple as a way to keep us under control?

Now we, some of the most disadvantaged, are supposed to have faith "public shaming" will do any good at a time when we want to prevent all Muslims and Mexicans from entering our borders and we have a new standard of measurement to determine adequacy in office.

Let's hope we all feel the Bern in November! It's a political revolution. We are not going to take it anymore!

PS: While I live in Oregon now, a state that doesn't pass laws to prevent enforcement of Civil Rights, however, for the disabled we just ignore the laws altogether. But at least we don't pass laws that remove civil rights.

Let's see what November brings. Perhaps "we the people" will take back our country.

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