Non-separated uses vs. detailed requirements

I'm working on a small fire station where we are using a non-separated uses approach to the occupancy separations required between the R-3, B, and S-2 app bays.
My question is does the non-separated use analysis also apply to the separation wall requirement for Sleeping Units as described in section 419.2?
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Be careful.

Section 419.2 refers you to Section 708 and Case #2 refers to a sleeping room within a hotel, apartemsnt or an institution. In this case, teh fire station is not covered and a separation should not be required. (especially if there is a 24-hour fire watch available).

Chuck daleo
It seems clear that Section 419.2 "separation walls" applies to walls separating sleeping units. I'm assuming the sleeping units within the fire station are considered R-2 occupancy group.

The walls would have to comply with Section 708 "fire partitions" irregardless if the building is analyzed as nonseparated occupancies using provisions of Section 508.3.2.

DBSCode: Why wouldn't the fire partitions between the sleeping rooms be rated? The sleeping rooms within the fire station would be classified as R-2 occupancy and item #2 in Section 708.1 would apply.

Some more discussions on the subject of Fire Stations and occupancy classification:
Go to the definition of an R-2. A congreagte residence having 16 or fewer is exempt and is classified as R-3.

Also, when the requirement to separate dwelling units and sleeping rooms in a hotel or motel first was codified, the reason was that a person(s) sleeping in such a facility has no control over teh activities next door that could create a hazard. In a fire station, this is not a concern beacuse they should know what they are doing and can control the activities.

Let's get real here. When is the last time a fire station burned down?

Also, why do you think a one-hour rating is required? It allows time for teh fire departemnt to show up and suppress teh fire and rescue the occupants, if the smoke hasn't gotten to them already.

If a one-hour fire partition is required then let teh building department pay for it.

Chuck Daleo
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