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I need your suggestions about a 50 yrs. old building currently not in use. it's a 3 storey building and was being used as a hardware store on first floor, dentist office on 2nd and residential on 3rd floor.My friend bought this bldg. and want to update it as per current code.My friend wants commercial on 1st and rsidential on 2nd and 3rd floor.I believe i won't need to change the occupancy as its already mixed use. i am not sure if my building is separated by a firewall from adjoining building. My question is what should be construction type. My thought is it would be Type IIA. Please advice and let me know more about thing i should keep in mind as i am intern and doing it as a case study to know more.


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In order for anyone to help you classify the contruction type they would need to all what the building is built out of. Type IIA would mean that the entire building is non-combustible construction per IBC 602.2 and the "A" would indicate that it is all one hour construction
Thanks for replying. The reason i thought about IIA is because as per table 503, IIA can have 3 stories with 1hr fire rating if i consider assembly space on the first floor and i already have 3 stories built on site.
Anyway, The building is totally wood construction with wood siding and flat roof.The structure has crawl space underneath.
I was trying to take the most restrictive uses of all But wood does not qualify as a non combustible material, so I am thinking of type VA. Am i right? Please advice. Before the building was used as:
1st floor: Hardware store
2nd floor: Dentist office
3rd floor: Residential
check into the AHJ; if they use the ICC existing building code or something similar, there are provisions for keeping the existing construction type and other architectural features, such as stairways, that are quite expensive to upgrade to current code compliance.

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