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Went to an ICC class last week in which the instructor for code changes within Californie.
One of the items the instructor made commit to was for fire blocking. Stating that in the past fire blocking in the Cal. Bldg. Code was never meant to be or said that the fire blocking was to be both horizonal and vertical. Which made for some people to wake up and take notice, some interesting comebacks.
Question here is; do you feel the older codes, 2001 CBC Chapter 7 section 708, 1998 CBC Chapter 7 section 708, 1994 CBC Chapter 7 section 708, 1991 CBC Chapter 25 section 2516 (f) 2A, the fire blocking was meant to be both vertical and horizonal at the required location indicated?
All comments one way or other will be greatly appreciated.

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The only UBC I have left over from my California days is the 1988 edition wherein Section 2516 (f) 2. A. required fire stops in concealed spaces of stud walls and partitions, including furred spaces, at the ceiling and floor levels "and at 10' intervals along the length of the wall". That would indicate to me vertical stops were required for example along a staggered stud wall. Also, in the first sentence of subsection (f) it states in parentheses (both vertical and horizontal). Unless this Section has changed dramatically since 1988, I would think that vertical fire blocking or, fire stops as it was known then, has been required.
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the INTENT may not have been to require both vertical and horizontal fireblocking , but the code (2001CBC) REQUIRED it.
708.1 In combustible construction, firblocking and draftstopping shall be installed to cut off all concealed draft openings (both vrtical and horizontal

708.2.1 WHERE REQUIRED Fireblocking shall be provided in the following locations:
1. in concealed spaces of stud walls and partitions,including furred spaces, at the ceiling and floor levels and at 10-foot intervals both vertical and horizontal.

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