One-Hour Construction for Historic Buildings

I have an Historic building which has open permits for a remodelled office and a new residence in the back half. (You might see my post on one hour walls elsewhere on this forum)

Being Historic, and having been permitted under the 2001 CHBC, I read under 8-402.2 One-Hour Construction "Upgrading an existing qualified historic building or property to one-hour fire-resistive construction shall not be required regardless of constrcution or occupancy when one of the following is provided:

1. Sprinklers (I might consider this, but expensive, especially for a commercial install with standpipes, etc., not to mention how ugly that is. If the Fire Marshall was willing to allow the home and office/retail portion to both be residential grade, then it makes more sense...any thoughts on this?)

2. An approved life-safety evaluation.

3. Other alternative measures are approved by the enforcing agency.

So what exactly are the possibilities regarding #2 and #3? What does this mean? Can anyone provide examples for these measures or evaluations?

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1. Sprinkler design can be tailored, talk to the Fire Marshal about using a residential system and what "tweaks" that may be necessary. Comparing sprinkler density factors can give a quick answer for equivalency.

2. "Approved" means acceptable to the authority having jurisdiction. This means the Building Official AND Fire Marshal for the circumstances you have described. This is a matter of negotiation with both Officials. Not a good idea unless you can clearly describe to both Officials what will be contained in the evaluation and methods to be used.

3. Again, this concept will require both Officials to agree. And what kind of "alternate measures"?

If you have Officials with sophisticated code and technical systems knowledge, you may be able to ask questions to gather what considerations they may have for outlining issues that could be used to derive an "approved life-safety evaluation" or what may be reasonable "alternate measures".

I do not know of any direct examples to use for your situation, most I have dealt with have been large complex buildings primarily with novel exiting systems.
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