Opportunity for ADA Coordinator - Up to $150K

My name is Shohre Rad and I am currently looking for ADA coordinator for Los Angeles open posiiton. Salary goes up to $150K. If interested contact me immediately (deadline July 9th) and i will provide detail.
310 395 1555 x15 or shohre@jobsprostaffing.com
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Here are the specs:

ADA Coordinator opportunity (senior) salary up to $155K+ - deadline July 7th 2009 (they may extend)! (los angeles)

If you are interested please contact me immediately at fred@jobsprostaffing.com or 310 395 1555 x15. Below is the job description

Preferred Qualifications:
• California Licensed Architect, Attorney, or an equivalent mix of formal education and experience.
• California Certified Access Specialist (Cal CASp).
• Experience in preparing, implementing and verifying ADA surveys, Transition Plans, and Self Evaluations.
• Five (5) or more years experience working in all aspects of ADA planning, design, and implementation.
• Thorough understanding of California Title 24 Accessibility Code, the ADA Accessibility Guidelines, as well as all Federal ADA regulatory requirements (specifically Titles I, II and III), including disability civil rights legislation related to persons with disabilities and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act.
• Experience in working with campus construction management teams as well as with campus administrators, faculty and staff and/or experience working professionally with a similar or related clientele.
• Some experience in a Public Works professional environment.
• Experience in ADA or related civil rights investigations.
• Experience in renovation or alteration project and project management.
• Possession of a Advanced Degree in Engineering, Architecture, Construction Management, Law and/or a mix of construction and civil rights experience.
• Experience in plan review of drawings for ADA and Title 24 errors and omissions.
• Experience in preparing ADA training manuals.
• Experience in working as a member of an ADA Advisory Council or related group and the establishment/maintenance of a Disability Advisory Council.
• Experience in analyzing vender agreements and other legal documentation for lapses in ADA required clauses and exhibits.
• Familiarity with contractual delivery models such as design build, design bid build, g-max cost plus, etc.
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