I'm looking for help in answering a plan check comment from a building official. It reads as follows; "identify how the plaster soffit is to be attached to the underside of the canopy framing such that its load is properly supported" This is an exterior plaster ceiling under a wood framed entry canopy. Anyone know how to respond to this or where I can find the answers I need?

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And how are you attaching the plaster to the underside of the soffit?
What is the assembly?
What type of lath are you using? How is the lath attached? Type and Spacing of attachment?
For that matter is it three coat plaster? One coat plaster?
What is the spacing of the framing?
Are you venting it?
Is there a screed at the edge?
It's a 3 coat plaster with a reglet screed at the edges. Wood joists spaced 16" o.c., no vents.

And I can't tell you how I'm attaching it because that's the exact question I'm here to find out. (See my original post above).

I'm looking for answers on how to attach it to the underside of my framing. Anyone know what specs to call out or where I can get the answers?
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