residential eave venting (R327.6.3)

o-k, so section R327.6.2 talks about ventilation and max opening size for vents. however R327.6.3 says "vents shall not be installed on the underside of eaves and cornices" then gives a couple exceptions.

contractor has designed an enclosed eave with a continous eave vent, with 1/8" holes (per 327.6.2) that is installed on the underside of the eaves. there is normal eave blocking with vents at the wall line. he says this is approved in several neighboring AHJ's.

am i off base here? i say 327.6.3 is very clear on installing vents on the underside of eaves, and this application is not allowed, wether eaves are boxed in or not.

what say you??
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R327.6.3 Ventilation openings on the underside of eaves and cornices: Vents shall not be installed on the underside of eaves and cornices.

1.The enforcing agency may accept or approve special eave and cornice vents that resist the intrusion of flame and burning embers.
2.Vents complying with the requirements of Section R327.6.2 may be installed on the underside of eaves and cornices in accordance with either one of the following conditions: 1.The attic space being ventilated is fully protected by an automatic sprinkler system installed in accordance with Section 903.3.1.1 of the California Building Code or,
2.The exterior wall covering and exposed underside of the eave are of noncombustible material, or ignition-resistant-materials as determined in accordance with SFM Standard 12-7A-5 Ignition-Resistant Material and the vent is located more than 12 feet from the ground or walking surface of a deck, porch, patio, or similar surface.

the exceptions are the rule

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