residential handrail question

under the 07 CBC ,
section 1009.10 says "stairways shall have handrails on each side..."
section 1009.10 ex2 says "stairways WITHIN dwelling units, spiral stairways...are permitted to have a handrail on one side only"

reading this, in your opinions, does a deck or porch handrail on the exterior of a SFD require handrails on both sides???
and will you be enforcing it this way???
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Originally posted by rlga_AZ:
Does Exception 3 of Section 1009.10 apply?

no- i am referring to decks with more than one change of elevation (actual stairs).
exception 3 does make me think that exception 2
applies to decks as they are not specifically mentioned.
in other words, i think a deck or front porch would require handrails on both sides, because it is not WITHIN a dwelling unit (per ex2)
what do you think? and more importantly, how will you enforce it??
The ICC discussion has some newer posts but it still looks like some people are leaning towards requiring two handrails at the exterior deck/patio of a dwelling unit while others are fine with only providing one.

The bottom line comes down to whether or not the exterior patio/deck associated with a dwelling unit can be considered WITHIN the dwelling unit. It is not actually inside the dwelling unit (within the walls), but some may see it as being located within the property of the dwelling unit.

Maybe there is something more out there somewhere Smile
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