Residential (One & Two Family) Fire-Resistance Rating Requirements?

Is anyone aware of fire-resistant rating requirements for construction of elevator shafts less than four stories in single-family residential installation? In 2006 NC Building Code, Sec. 707.2(1) "A shaft enclosure is not required for openings totally within a an individual residential dwelling unit and connecting four stories or less." I have a residential elevator installation underway and the contractor asked if 5/8" type-X gyp board is required on shaft walls? Any relevant information/thoughts wouldbe appreciated.
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No garage. Stand-alone elevator "tower" addition to home built on a hillside providing access for residents planning for their inevitable infirmity (avoiding the stairs).

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it is allowed (according to the California code.)
does the elevator connect to the garage?
If this is a detached SFD <4 stories then you would be in the IRC. Did NC adopt the IRC?

And, if this tower is outside the SFD exterior walls then at best you would only need rated openings between the elevator shaft and the SFD.
I would look at it the following way:

The addition of the elevator shaft to the exterior of the building extends the envelope of the residential dwelling. Just because it isn't in the core of the dwelling but fixed to the exterior doesn't mean it isn't "within an individual residential dwelling unit". If it is set out from the structure and connected by small bridges exposed to the outside, then I could see it not qualifying under 707.2, Ex#1. Either way, the fire danger doesn't seem to be increased beyond what the code sets as a baseline.

Also, requiring a rated shaft triggers the lobby requirements of 707.14.1. (Ex. #2 wouldn't apply if one requires the added elevator to be located in a shaft). I don't think that is the intent of the code either.

I would argue that the retrofit elevator on the exterior of the house (this questions)poses less of a fire danger than one located in the core (permitted by code)...where would a fire-fighter prefer a 4-story non-rated shaft?
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