A plan check comment states the mens restroom and the womens restroom doors are in series and need to have 48" separation per 11B-404.2.6.

I do not see these as doors in series, as nobody will travel from men's room into women's room.  These are latch side approaches.

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The janitor will for sure. the architect, owner, emergency personnel, etc might.

but that is not the point. the doors are not in series because they do not have to be operated in series.

I my opinion, the provision is for doors that must be encountered in series, such as in a vestibule. A person, even a janitor can exit the men's door, go out into the outer room and return to enter the women's door, if they wish. I remember that the diagrams indicate a closed vestibule situation.

I would offer a separate observation/recommendation.

As shown there are overlapping 'clear' areas for access/turning.  The restroom doors and janitor door also overlap.  The depicted area is somewhat congested (assuming active/frequent use).   It's a little hard to know exactly what is happening because the pdf is 'partial' (does not show the whole restroom layout).

Making an assumption about the 'overall' restroom plan, it appears the functionality of the doors, and the privacy/view protection of restroom occupants can both be improved.  Consider re-swinging the doors (using the same jamb as hinge side) so they swing into the restrooms.  That gives you the 'European' door swing that gives more privacy.  If, as a result, you need a few additional inches on the latch side, I would 'steal' a few inches from the lav counter, which is longer than necessary (you show what looks to be more than 30" per lav, and this could be a bit tighter).   If you posted a graphic of the whole restroom area it would provide a better basis for comment.

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