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904.10.3 Access to Equipment on Roofs.
904.10.3.1 Gas utilization equipment located on roofs or other elevated locations shall be accessible.

904.10.3.2 Buildings of more than fifteen (15)feet in height shall have an inside means of access to the roof, unless other means acceptable to the Authority Having Jurisdiction are used.
904.10.3.3 The inside means of access shall be a permanent or foldaway inside stairway or ladder, terminating in an enclosure, scuttle, or trapdoor. Such scuttles or trapdoors shall be at least twenty-two (22) inches x twenty-four (24) inches in size, shall open easily and safely under all conditions, especially snow, and shall be constructed so as to permit access from the roof side unless deliberately locked on the inside. At least six (6) feet of clearance shall be available between the access opening and the edge of the roof or similar hazard, or rigidly fixed rails or guards a minimum of forty-two (42) inches in height shall be provided on the exposed side.
Where parapets or other building structures are utilized in lieu of guards or rails, they shall be a minimum of forty-two (42) inches in height.

It must be accessible, the only way to make it accessible al all times, is to provide a permanate ladder
I believe in CA it falls to the "Industrial Relations" code Title 8, Division 1, Subchapter 7, Article 4, "3277. Fixed Ladders" [whew]

I'm not that smart, I just looked it up and tagged it in my office yesterday!

Our copy of Title 8 is old, but I don't think they've moved it much. This is the thing that says the rungs are 3/4-inch diameter min, 12-inches apart, the thing is 16-inches wide and the rungs are 7-inches from the wall, along with all of the requirements for cages, landings, etc...

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