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Has any one had dealings with the small housing units to be set in residential zoned areas.  Would like to know how other towns or cities have dealt with with this.  How would you handle the zoning requirements to allow this.  Would you require it to be set on a foundation or have other amendments been done to allow this.  Any comments or suggestions would be great.

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Consider that in CA you can construct up to a 120 sq ft bldg. with out a permit. No where does it say how many you can build or how close together (smiling). A famous furniture designer in Ranch Cucamonga built an entire house this way. As to foundations, steel platforms keep the wood off the ground and dead weight keeps it from moving.

I am trying to find out how any other AHJ is handling "Tiny Houses".  They don't seem to be built to any specification or code.  They appear to be closer to an RV than a home.  Do other areas have any restrictions for them or are they allowed in any area of towns if so how.

Check this out,a space for everything and everything in its space.
Note that the taller they get, the more exposure to wind load.
Consider using a half high berm around the exterior to get around this, thereby allowing for a taller interior height in the same footprint?
Hobbit style?
Codes, including the ICC residential code have not yet addressed "small" houses, foundations are a concern but if built on a "wheeled" frame they are not then a building but a trailer/RV and as such fall under DMV. This is a pioneering movment, see Winkipedia article.  


The residential code lists "work exempt from permit" under multiple categories: building, electrical, mechanical and gas.  The exemption under "building" is limited to the structure only (not electrical, mechanical or gas) and the uses are limited specifically to "tool sheds", "storage sheds", "playhouses" or similar uses.  Even though no permit is required for the structure, electrical, mechanical, plumbing or gas would typically require a separate permit.


IRC: R105.2 Work exempt from permit. Permits shall not be required for the following. Exemption from permit requirements of this code shall not be deemed to grant authorization for any work to be done in any manner in violation of the provisions of this code or any other laws or ordinances of this jurisdiction.


1. One-story detached accessory structures used as tool and storage sheds, playhouses and similar uses, provided the floor area does not exceed 120 square feet (11.15 m2).


In the jurisdiction where I worked, we had additional requirements that allowed only one exempt building under this section per dwelling unit.

do not conflate exemptions for building permits with restrictions of planning/zoning codes...  zoning still controls number, size and location of any physical features allowed on a property...  if you have 'design' restrictions or HOA CCR's, you would also still have to comply with those regulations 


example only: you may not need a building permit to build or haul in and set up a 10x10 tool shed made of unpainted galvanized rippled steel panels, but you would still not be allowed to put it in a restricted yard (i.e. in your front yard near the sidewalk)... 

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