hey all-

been a long while, things are getting really busy, i hope they are busy for you too.


here is the situation- R-2 occupancy with all the associated doors (unit doors, stairwell doors, etc)

frame stage, not finished

the doors INSIDE the units have clear openings of over 80" high.

the doors in question- the unit exit doors, the stair doors and many other doors entering the exit corridor(s) have clear openings less than 80" high.

the door manufacterer says it is industry standard to only measure a door opening to the frame, and not include the "rabet" (the door stop piece at the top of the inside frame that catches the door.) the rabet is about 3/8" , this reduces the opening by 3/8".

 the designer for the door company says the rabet should not be included and the required opening height is REALLY 79-5/8". o-k, i might buy that (although i'm inclined not to)


here is the kicker, once finishes are installed, even if i don't include the rabet, the openings are going to be 1/4" to 1/2" too short.

sounds like the frames for the doors are already built, though not onsite.


it appears as though there are about 80-90 (metal and wood) fire doors that will have this height issue, all of them on the path of egress -just trying to get some input before i create a firestorm.

whadya think, any construction tolerances in this case?


side note- the rough opening size was questioned by the builder (because the roughs inside the units were LARGER than the exit doors throughout) a couple of times several months ago prior to frame, door maker/designer assured builder all was o-k

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