I am working on a major remodel of an existing retail facility (single story with mezzanine and elevator)  that is being converted to a fitness facility. As part of the remodel we are keeping some existing accessible multi-accommodation restrooms and adding new locker rooms with accessible multi-accommodation restrooms.


The owner wants to retain the existing accessible men and women's multi-accommodation restrooms on the mezzanine. To meet the plumbing fixture count the owner wants to convert the existing men's restroom into a women's restroom.


The outcome of the conversion would provide women with 2 accessible multi-accommodation restrooms on the mezzanine while the men would not have any.


If a man was on the mezzanine and needed to use the restroom, he would have to use the elevator or stairs to go down to the main level and use the restroom.


Is this allowed by code?

My gut feeling is telling me that it is not, but I can't find a section in the 2010 CBC or CPC to tell me either way.


Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.



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Yes it is Okay as long as the fixture count is met.


422.4.1 Access to Toilet Facilities. In multi-story building accessibility to the required toilet facilities shan not exceed one vertical story. Access to the required toilet facilities for customers shall not pass through areas designated as for employee use only such as kitchens, food preparation areas, storage rooms, closets, or similar spaces. Toilet facilities accessible only to private offices

shall not be counted to determine compliance with this section.

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