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I have several new updates to offer for http://www.codecomply.com. The software now produces a report that includes the following:

The list of features are:
1. Occupancy descriptions
2. Occupancy separation wall ratings (including all exceptions)
3. Accessory use areas (including all exceptions)
4. The type of construction
5. A simple building diagram with distances to property lines
6. Area increases based on a fire sprinkler and frontage increases
7. Non-separated ratios per floor
8. Separated ratios per floor
9. Total building area verification
10. Total building height in stories verification
11. Total building height in feet verification
12. Fire resistive elements
13. Incidental Use Areas

The current versions are:
1. 2000 International Building Code
2. 2003 International Building Code
3. 2006 International Building Code
4. 2007 California Building Code

The highlights are a corrected building area and height increase calculation for fire sprinkler systems under the 2007 California Building Code, the addition of incidental use areas, a better blog error reporting feature and direct email access for questions.

Please leave a comment on any corrections or suggestions!

Mark McMillin, P.E., MBA President - Codecomply.com Mark.McMillin@codecomply.com
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